Warranty & Refund & Cancellation


According to Turkish Code of Commerce, there is no right of withdrawal for food items. However, since we care for the satisfaction of our valued customers, we accept return of orders that have not been shipped, fell apart during shipment, lost their qualities, or we are repeating the order free of charge. Right of withdrawal is not valid in case you have to leave your current address when your order is en route, or in case the arrival of your order misses the date of your special days or events.



If you have a complaint about the products you have purchased, you can return it under the following conditions by applying to shop.alibabagida.com within 1 day after receipt of the shipment from the cargo company. In this respect, you do not pay any “shipping cost” when returning the product you want to return, and it is sufficient that you hand it over to Cargo Company by “Counterparty-Payment”. No returned product shipment is made in overseas sales.

The conditions for the return are as follows;


I want to return my product, which products can I return?

You can return the products you do not like the taste/quality.

You can ask for return in case the packaging of your product is damaged during shipment, or in case the packaging falls apart so much as to cause the product to lose its qualities.

For the item you want to return, the full price of the product is refunded or the order will be sent again free of charge depending on your choice.


I want to return my product, what should I do?

For return procedures, before sending the product to shop.alibabagida.com, please send an e-mail to [email protected] which details your reason of return along with product information which you wish to return, and images of the product if the product fell apart or damaged. While you are taking delivery of the shipment, if you see that the product has fallen apart or outer packaging is damaged, you can return the product by making the cargo officer prepare a written report.

Products should absolutely be returned with the original box/packaging and invoice.


How can I contact the cargo company, and hand over the product?

You can contact Cargo Company as stated below. While you are handing over the product, it is sufficient  that you tell the cargo officer that the recipient is “Ekrem Küçükarabacı Alibaba Gıda Pazarlama” through “Counterparty Payment”, and you will not pay any “Shipping Cost” while you are returning the product.


You can request a courier to your address by calling Cargo Call Center, and you can request a courier at website, or you can learn the address of the nearest Cargo office and directly deliver to there.


To talk to our customer service representatives, you can call our order support line at +90 212 615 92 96 between 09:00 – 18:00 on week days, and between 09:00 – 15:00 on Saturdays / Istanbul – Turkey Timezone.

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